Root Genius PC Version Download

The Root Genius PC version supports the most stable Android Root experience via Windows PC connections. And it confirms that one of the best choices for root apps with the most supported scripts and updated features is Root Genius Download. Root Genius functions according to the device model and firmware compatibility. So it's up to you to download the latest version of Root Genius by verifying your compatibility.

In some situations, for various reasons, you may not get the Root Genius Mobile app. But that doesn't mean the end of Android rooting for everything. In fact, for extremely secure processing, you can try Root PC Download with Root Genius. Although it involves PC connections, it doesn't take much time to process as this is supported with the best Superuser download guaranteed for complete one-click Android root.

PC preparations are the only thing to remember here for flawless processing. So first of all, install USB drivers on your Windows PC and make it ready for root to run. And enable USB debugging mode with a proper cable from the device to get through connections, too. In order to install USB drivers and enable USB debugging mode use ADB drivers. If this is completed, you must run the Root Genius installer on your PC and have the software installed. Then, smartly connect and root.

Root Genius v3.2.0, which is still available only in the original Chinese language support, is the latest version of the tool. So you can try the previous Root Genius v 3.1.7 or 1.8.7 that supports both English and Chinese language support in case you don't feel secure.

Introduction of the Download Root Genius PC

The most popular one-click rooting tool compatible with the wide range of Android devices is Root Genius PC Download. You have to use this method to proceed with the best rooting features and functions in order to own Admin rights on your Android device. Of course, the top-rated Android rooting tool that you can download as an APK and a PC version is Root Genius.We also recommended the Root Genius app as the best rooting app for you to get root privileges in the most convenient way. You can use Root Genius, regardless of whether your current computer is an Android device. It has more features and wonderful features because of its great gift.

About Root Genius APK Version

Also, this version of Root Genius APK is such a rooting application on the market that updates come as an APK version. In simple terms, now without the need for a computer, you can root access your Android. You can now download the Root Genius APK version free of charge if you want a mobile app for Root Genius. This APK process is a little easier than the PC version.In reality, just use a single click to download and install this app on your Android device. No matter what, like the PC edition, it has a basic user interface. Like other rooting APK files, this is very easy and it has compatibility with more than 10000 Android devices. So, enjoy the best superuser experience with the Root Genius APK version with just one click.Version 3.2.0 of Root Genius APK is the latest version of its bug-fixed version. Without using a desktop computer, you can directly download it on your Android. Downloading is fully free and you can download the new APK from Rootgenius here.

Introduction to Root Genius PC Version

You can choose Root Genius PC Download on your Windows PC if you need to download the Root Genius PC version. This app is only built for the Windows version and for the MAC version. To get root access to the Android root privileges, you need a Windows OS running the PC computer to download the Root Genius PC version. The Root Genius PC version also comes with a user-friendly interface that is simple to use, and with its updates, this app is also fully free to download.

Advantages of root Android using PC

  • User-friendly Interface Design.
  • Flash to Custom ROMs or Stock ROMs to use it.
  • You can personalize your smartphone or tablet as you want very easily.
  • Uninstall unnecessary apps on Androids that are built-in.
  • To save memory on the Memory.
  • Upgrade the performance of the device with the autorun feature.
  • Data backup via titanium backup is very easy.
  • On your Android device, this is the best one-click approach.
  • The Root Genius PC Download is compatible with over 10000 + Android devices.
  • The Root Genius PC Download also works on all Android versions, including the latest Android 9.0 release.
  • You can go outside the security frame beyond the manufacturers' limitations by using a PC version.
  • For all Android users, the PC version is more stable.
  • More than 20 + languages come with it.
  • Totally free of charge to download.

How to Download Root Genius Windows PC

Since Root Genius is not an ordinary app, this app is not available on the Google Play Store. However, from our website, you can download the Root Genius PC.

  1. On your Windows PC, visit our website to download the Root Genius PC app.
  2. Please click the Download button.
  3. Wait for the download process to be completed on your Windows PC

How to Install Root Genius Windows PC

  • Once you have downloaded a Root Genius PC on a Windows PC, find the downloaded file
  • Now, on your Android device, make sure to enable the "Developer option" and "USB debugs."
  • Connect your Android device via a USB cable to a Windows PC.
  • Launch the Root Genius PC app now and wait a few minutes for your device to be detected by the Root Genius app.
  • To install it, then accept the user agreement.
  • Now open the app and click the 'Root it' button to start the process of rooting.
  • After that, it will automatically reboot the Android system.
  • Through using "Kinguser" app on your Androids, you can confirm the rooting process performed successfully